The Different Types And Uses Of Power Washers

Power washer is another name for pressure washers. These are the devices that are used for cleaning different things and surfaces such as car, roof, furniture’s, deck, driveway, window etc. The power washers run on different resources such as Electricity or hydraulics, gasoline or diesel etc. The cleaning is done by spraying hot or cold water on the surface of the device that is needed to be cleaned.

The main feature of power washers is the pressure it can put on the water for cleaning devices. The efficiency of power is determined by PSI and GSM value. PSI means Pound per Square and GSM means Gallon per Minute. Higher PSI and GSM means that the power washer is capable of giving high pressure on water and it can clean big area and devices. You can easily adjust the measurement depending on the devices you are cleaning.

The Uses of Power Washer

In a variety of places a power washer is used for cleaning, such as in industrial places or in residences. They are very good in cleaning Industrial devices such as cars, machineries, tractors etc. And, in residence places it helps in washing dirt’s from walls, dirt from garage floors and personal cars, house furniture’s, windows, roofs, deck and many more. It can also use in sanitizing surfaces by using industrial detergents and chemicals in water.

The Types of Power Washer

There are a variety of pressure washers are available in the market. To clean and wash various equipments and instrument or devices an Aqueous Parts Washers are used. By featuring Conveyor Belts in the power washer it helps in cleaning tunnels very effectively by spraying hot waters. You can adjust the belt speed by considering the size and type of the device. This type of Power Washers is very helpful for the parts manufacturers.

Automotive Part washers are also used in cleaning automobile instrument and equipments by giving high pressure on water like Aqueous Parts Washers. This type of washer is mostly used in automotive part companies for the purpose of scrubbing, removing old paints, DE-grease automotive parts and DE-carbonize parts.Gas-Powered-High-Pressure-Washer

Ultrasonic power washers are more effective and it is totally different types of power washer. It does not clean devices by spraying water. In a mixture of water it creates a millions of bubbles, solvent or vapors to clean products. It can also wash hidden parts very effectively. In many industrial and conventional applications this type of washers are used.

How to Maintain a Power Washer

You can increase the efficiency of a power washer and use it for a longer period of time with a proper and regular maintenance. After using for few days or months the nozzle of the washer is bound to get blocked by dusts and dirt’s which results in building excessive amount of pressure and irregular spray patterns. For that reason you must clean the nozzle frequently. This way you can also save the gas costs or electric costs. Moreover a daily maintenance avoids the extra cost of technician.

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