Pressure Washing In Cold Weather

Cleaning in cold weather is a very hard job. It is a well known fact that cold weather and especially ice can be lethal for industrial pressure washer. Water extends up to 9 % when it changes its form in to an ice. The form of the water can be changed within the pressure washer if it is remained in cold for a long time. Internal features of the pressure washer can be disturbed due to a wintry spell. You need to take adequate measure in order to prepare the pressure washer for the cold weather.

Do Not Retain The Equipment In The Cold Weather

If a cold weather is forecast-ed then you should move the pressure washing tool in to a safer and warmer place. Pressure washer can be used in a constricted area. Therefore you should use a heater in order to keep the place warm and clean. A halogen bulb with a power of 500 watt can be used in order to keep the area warm and clean. It can be a problem if you do not have a place to keep the machine warm in cold winter. You should run hot water constantly through pressure washing equipment to keep it from freezing. It is also possible to cover up the area with tarp to keep it warm.

Use Anti Freeze Flush

It is possible to come across various wintry spell before winter. Therefore anti freeze flush is one of the best ways to put your best foot forward. You should buy an anti freeze flush that is capable of dealing with the low temperature. In order to use anti freeze flush you have to put the material in the tank. Pressure washing equipment should be opened up in order to run anti flush material through the machine. Spray tip of the equipment should be removed in order to retain the machine safe. The trigger should be pumped for a few minute to send anti freeze flush in to the equipment. If the pressure washing equipment is attuned with chemical cleaner then you have to run the anti freeze flush through the chemical channel as well. Through this process the anti freeze flush can be used repeatedly. It is better to go for a bucket if you do not have a tank in the area.cold-weather-pressure

Operation Should Be Averted In Cold Weather

Pressure washing equipment can be used in low temperature. You need to know the capability of the machine in order to use it safely. It is believed that 15 to 25 degree is normal for the industrial pressure washer. Hot water pressure washing equipments can be used in the below freezing temperature. However you should not use hot water in the pressure washer in a windy day when the temperature is about 34 degree Fahrenheit.

After running the hot water through the pressure washer, you need to keep it safe. It has a tendency to turn in to ice. You can apply rock salt or calcium chloride in order to avoid hazardous condition. It is better not to use lock drums to break the ice under the industrial pressure washing equipment.

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