How to Choose a Best Electric Pressure Washer

When we are going to buy any product we always look for the best featured product in a lesser price. In markets there are many variations of a same product are present and people opt for the best brand company’s product with a hope that they will get the best product. When it comes to Electric Pressure Washer the circumstances is quite the same. There are a number of companies with different power capacity, sizes, durability and efficiencies.

Whatever type of pressure washer you are using it is important to consider that, it must complement your purpose of using. For home use you can opt for small washers that use cold water. For washing your personal car, furniture’s, floor, patios and many more you can use a small Electric Pressure Washer without any doubt. Some small washers are very handy that you can also use them in cleaning shower stalls, windowpanes and bathrooms as well. As small washers use cold water they cannot be used efficiently in cleaning deep grime or grease but they still can be used in cleaning small solutions or degreasers.

Whereas, an Electric Pressure Washer which uses hot water for cleaning, you can use them in cleaning deep grease marks or dusts or in cleaning machinery devices very efficiently. However, you must consider some points before buying a pressure washer they are stated below.Electric-Pressure-Washer

PSI Value – The PSI value is very important when it comes to Pressure washer because a PSI or Pounds per Square determines the power of the water pressure a machine can produce. For conventional home use you must look for a PSI value of 1200-2000 because higher pressure can damage things.

GPM Value – GPM or Gallon per Minute is another value you must consider while buying an Electric Pressure Washer. It determines the amount of water the machine use per minute. The higher GPM helps in cleaning quickly. Minimum of 1.5 GPM is good for home use.

Types of Pump – While purchasing pressure washer you must check the type of the pump the machine is using. Some machine uses plunging pumps which are smaller but capable of using higher pressure. You can also opt for direct drive pumps because they are more durable and efficient.

Nozzle Size – The nozzle helps in spraying water in different angles. A machine with adjustable nozzle is the best option. You can spray water in larger areas with a nozzle that spray water in between 15 to 20 degrees. Nozzle with 0 degree can put higher pressure on the water.

Price – One of the important and final things you need to consider is the price. If you are going to buy washer only for smaller task you can opt for smaller devices that comes within $150. You can also buy medium sized Electric Pressure Washer which you will get within $ 200. A larger electric washer pressure can cost you above $275. But the price differs depending on the brands and their features. The best the brand and features is the bigger the price.

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